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Total Suspended Solids (TSS)

  • 5mm online photometer cleaning splash

    Online Multi-Parameter Photometer | i::scan

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    Muli-Parameter Online Photometers Probe Overview

    All i::scan probes are compact multi-wavelength photometer probes, capable of high quality online measurements of light absorption with  either directly submersed in liquid media (in-situ) or in by-pass via flow cell setup. The probe can be operated also outside of the medium using a multifunctional slide. i::scan probes with a path-length of 35mm also have an additional 90 degree detector for scattered light measurements including suitable light sources. This allows measurements of turbidity according to ISO 7027 and similar to EPA 180.1

    For absorption measurement the sensor works as a multi-wavelength photometer with narrow band light sources. The wavelengths have been carefully selected to best fit the intended applications. For organic parameters multiple wavelengths in the UV-A/UV-B and UV-C range are used. For colour, solids and turbidity measurements light sources in the visible and near infrared range are used.

    Muli-Parameter Online Photometers Probe Features

    • s::can plug & measure
    • turbidity: measurement according to EPA 180.1 and ISO 7027, 90° scattering (35 mm path length)
    • dual-beam compensated optics
    • Economical light emitting technology
    • no consumables, no moving parts
    • special, non-fouling optical window material
    • low power consumption (less than 1 W typical)
    • optional automatic cleaning compressed air (InSitu, only for version -075 with fixed cable) or autobrush
    • multiple versions for multiple applications
    • long term stable, 100 % corrosion free
    • plug connection or fixed cable
    • 5000 hours maintenance free operation
    • mounting and measurement directly in the media (in situ) or in flow cell
    • can be mounted directly in a mains pipe / pressure pipe
    • operation via s::can terminals & s::can Software
  • Total Suspended Solids Probe

    TSS Total Suspended Solids Sensor | Soil::lyser

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    No Consumable MLSS  (TSS) Sensor Overview

    The level of solids in aeration basins is an essential parameter for the process control of wastewater treatment plants. The concentration of suspended solids measured by the TSS sensor can be used for the optimization of the biological treatment processes (i.e. nitrification, denitrification as well as phosphorus elimination) and for the control of sludge recirculation.

    The soli::lyser is an optical probe that measures the concentration of suspended solids directly in the water. The TSS sensor uses the temperature for compensation. Using infrared absorbance for measuring suspended solids prevents colours from interfering. It integrated an automatic cleaning system that uses compressed air for removal of fouling. Regular manual cleaning of the optical windows is therefore not required, significantly reducing maintenance for the operator. The soli::lyser has no replaceable parts or consumables. When operated correctly there will be no costs for spare parts at all. These MLSS sensor features unrivalled measurement with the lowest cost of ownership - make s::can sensors the most attractive solution available today.

    Total Suspended Solids Sensor Features:

    • factory precalibrated (2 measuring ranges available)
    • Monitors TSS in MLSS Mixed liquor tank
    • s::can plug & measure
    • measuring principle: optical (infrared absorbance)
    • ideal for wastewater
    • long term stable and maintenance-free in operation
    • automatic cleaning with compressed air
    • mounting and measurement directly in the media (InSitu) or in a flow cell
    • operation via s::can terminals & s::can software
    • minimal maintenance (no waste parts)
    • cost-efficient sensor, cost of ownership are unmatched
  • Spectrometer vertical profile 100 path length spectro::lyser

    UV-VIS Spectrometer V2, spectro::lyser | s::can

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    UV-Vis Spectrometer Overview

    The spectro::lyser™ measures the entire absorption spectrum and is used by many drinking water providers all over the world as a pivotal component in their raw water monitoring. The spectro::lyser™ with its capability to measure and analyze the absorption spectrum in its entirety with 256 different wave lengths allows detection of a multitude of organic substances.

    spectro::lyser™ UV monitors depending on the application an individual selection of: NO3-N, COD, BOD, TOC, DOC, UV254, NO2-N, BTX, AOC, fingerprints and spectral alarms, temperature and pressure.

    spectro::lyser™ UV-Vis monitors depending on the application an individual selection of TSS, turbidity, NO3-N, COD, BOD, TOC, DOC, UV254, color, BTX, O3, H2S, AOC, fingerprints and spectral-alarms, temperature and pressure.

    UVVIS Spectrometer Features

    • s::can plug & measure
    • measuring principle: UV-Vis spectrometry over the total range (200-750 nm or 200-390 nm)
    • optical path lengths available to increase accuracy 100mm, 35mm, 5 mm, 2 mm, 1 mm or 0.5 mm possible
    • multi parameter probe with adjustable open path length
    • ideal for surface water, ground water, drinking water and waste water
    • long term stable and maintenance free in operation
    • factory pre-calibrated, local multi-point calibration possible
    • automatic cleaning with compressed air or brush/ruck::sack
    • mounting and measurement directly in the media (InSitu) or in flow cell (monitoring station)
    • operation via s::can terminals & s::can software
    • recommended by and compliant with public authorities and international agencies such as Chinese EPA, US EPA and CPCB