Online Ozone Sensor | Ozo::lyser V3

Online Ozone Sensor | Ozo::lyser V3

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Online Ozone Sensor Ozo::lyser V3 Overview

The measurement of ozone in water is what the online ozone sensor ozo::lyser V3 is optimized for. This member of the spectrometer family is optimized to determine concentrations of ozone dissolved in water online. It offers an attractive alternative to classical electrochemical ozone sensors, thanks to its very low maintenance requirement and extreme stability.

Online Ozone Sensor Ozo::lyser V3 Features

  • ozo::lyser II monitors 2 of the following parameters: TSS, turbidity & ozone
  • Measuring principle: UV-Vis spectrometry over the total range (190-750 nm)
  • Web server onboard – IoT enabled, no user software is needed to configure the probe
  • Communicates directly with your mobile device via WLAN
  • Choose exactly the parameters you want to measure – unlimited number of parameters possible
  • 8 GB onboard memory – capacity for logging data for many years
  • Improved optical performance – revolutionary precision
  • Fast measurement interval – every 10 seconds
  • Extremely power efficient – sleep mode for low energy consumption
  • Multiparameter probe with 1 mm, 5 mm, or 35 mm optical path length, ideal for wastewater, surface water, and drinking water
  • Long term stable and maintenance-free in operation
  • Factory precalibrated, local multi-point calibration possible
  • Automatic cleaning with compressed air or brush/ruck::sack

Drinking-Water Datasheet
Wastewater Datasheet


Online Ozone Sensor Ozo::lyser V3 Technical Specifications

Measuring principle UV-V is spectrometry 190 – 750 nm

Measurement interval

10 sec

Automatic cross sensitivities Turbidity |Solids | Organic Substances

Precalibrated ex-works

All parameters

Accuracy standard solution (>1 mg/l) NO3-N : +/- 3% +1/OPL[mg/l]*
COD-KHP : +/-3% +10/OPL[mg/l]*
(*OPL – optical pathlength in mm)

Reference standard

Distilled Water

Integrated Temperature Sensor 0 – 45 °C

Temperature Sensor Resolution

0.1 °C

Integration via Con::cube V3
Con::nect V3
Con::lyte V5 (D-320-pro2)
Adapter cable (C-32-V3)

Power supply

10 – 18 VDC

Power consumption  Typical: 3 W
Sleep mode: 60mW
max.: 20 W

Interface to s::can terminals M12 RSTS 8Y | IP67

Interface to third party terminals con::nect V3 incl. Modbus RTU
Modbus TCP| IP

Digital interface (for cleaning devices) 1 digital in
1 digital out

Network connection 100Base-T Ethernet | WLAN

Status information

RGB LED ring

Internal sensors Supply voltage sensor
Tilt sensor
Rotation sensor

Additional Specifications

Cable length 1 m fixed cable (-010)
7.5 m fixed cable (-075)
15 m fixed cable (-150)

Cable type

PU jacket

Housing material Stainless Steel 1.4404

Window material OPL 5 and 1 mm: Sapphire
OPL 35 mm: UV-grade Fused silica

Weight 3.4 kg (incl. cable)

Dimensions (Ø x l) OPL 35 mm:
44 x 473 mm | 517.5 mm
OPL 5 mm:
44 x 457 mm | 501.5 mm
OPL 1 mm:
44 x 453 mm | 497.5 mm

Operating Temperature 0 -45 °C

Operating Pressure

0 – 3 bar

High-pressure specification 10 bar

Installation / mounting

Submersed | in a flow cell

Flow Velocity max. : 3 m.s-1

Mechanical Stability

30 Nm

Ingress Protection Class IP68

Automatic cleaning media: compressed air | auto brush
permissible pressure: 3 – 6 bar

Storage temperature -10 – 65 °C

Conformity | Environmental Testing

EN 60721-3

Conformity | EMC EN 61326-1

Conformity | RoHS 2

EN 50581

Standard warranty 2 years

Extended warranty

3 years

Drinking-Water Specifications

Drinking water
turbidity [NTU/FTU] O3 [mg/l] part number
ozo::lyser II – V3
(2 parameters, 35 mm OPL)
min. 0 0 G3-O2-D-35-NO-xxx
max. 170 25

Waste-Water Specifications

Municipal WWTP effluent
TSS [mg/l] O3  [mg/l] part number
ozo::lyser II – V3
(2 parameters, 5 mm OPL)
min. 0 0 G3-O2-E-05-NO-xxx
max. 600 180

Additional information


Drinking-Water Applications, Waste Water Applications


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