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  • Multi-Parameter Analyser | MP301

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    Multi-Parameter Analyser  - Overview

    MP301 multi-parameter sensor is suitable for long-term, online monitoring. It can measure up to 7 of the following parameters simultaneously: Temperature, Depth, DO, Chlorophyll, Blue-green algae, pH, ORP, Conductivity & Salinity & TDS, Turbidity, Ammonia nitrogen, Nitrate nitrogen, Chloride ions, and Fluoride ions. Optional accessories such as the handheld communicator, Bluetooth module and battery pack are also available for easy, portable measurement.

    Multi-Parameter Analyser - Features

    • Measure up to 7 parameters simultaneously
    • Use with battery, solar, or mains power supply
    • Modbus RS-485
    • Electrode can be placed directly in the field
    • Maintenance is quick and easy
    • Optional self-cleaning system
    • Power supply: positive and negative reverse connection protection
    • Operation software with Windows interface