Portable Water Analyser Series | PMI800SS

Portable Water Analyser Series | PMI800SS

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Portable Water Analyser Series – Overview

The Portable Water Analyser can be paired with a variety of portable electrodes, enabling a variety of measurement parameters such as pH, ORP, Conductivity (convertible Salinity & TDS), Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Suspended solids, Chlorophyll, and Blue-green algae. The connected electrode type is automatically identified. Single-channel and dual-channel configurations are available. It is comfortable to operate because of its ergonomic design and allows for quick and convenient testing.

Portable Water Analyser Series  – Features

  • IP67 protection rating
  • 3.5-inch color screen display
  • Easy to use interface and menu
  • Ergonomic design for holding
  • Non-slip hand strap
  • Data storage space 8G
  • Data export via USB interface
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Charging directly via USB
  • Automatically identifies sensor type and automatically adapts
  • Parameter can be set and calibrated on sensors


Portable Water Analyser Series | PMI800SS

Display 3.5-inch color display screen with adjustable backlight
Data storage More than 100,000 data entries
Material ABS+PC
Power supply Built-in battery power, battery specifications: 4 3.7V rechargeable
lithium battery
Protection level IP67
Operating temperature  0~50??Non-freezing?
Storage temperature -15~60?
Size 203*100*43mm
Weight 0.5KG

Portable Water Analyser Series | PMI800SS




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