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Chlorophyll is found within living cells of phytoplankton and blue-green algae. The amount of chlorophyll found in a water sample is used to measure the concentration of phytoplankton. These measurements indicate the general “health” of a system. Chlorophyll measurements identify algal bloom events and their effects on water quality.

  • Portable Chlorophyll Analyser | PMI800-Chlorophyll

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    Portable Chlorophyll Analyser - Overview

    The Portable Water Analyser is paired with the Chlorophyll Sensor, enabling convenient, accurate, and easy measurement of Chlorophyll levels.  It is comfortable to operate because of its ergonomic design and is available with single or dual-channel configurations.

    Portable Chlorophyll Analyser - Features

    • IP67 protection rating
    • 3.5-inch color screen display
    • Easy to use interface and menu
    • Ergonomic design for holding
    • Non-slip hand strap
    • Data storage space 8G
    • Data export via USB interface
    • Built-in rechargeable battery
    • Charging directly via USB
    • Automatically identifies sensor type and automatically adapts
    • Parameter can be set and calibrated on sensors