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Pressure Meters

Pressure Meters are often used to determine water levels in storage tanks, reservoirs, dams, water basins, channels, and pipes.

  • Accurate Level Measurement | RIPRESS Smart

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    Accurate Level Measurement  - Overview

    This cost-effective, versatile and low-maintenance product is a compact all-in-one pressure measuring solution for a variety of water based applications. It has up to four measuring points for piezoresistive transmitters which allows for accurate measurements of volume, level, flow, and rake monitoring arrangements. The controller has galvanically isolated inputs and outputs, an integrated web server, and predefined formulas for balls and cylinders providing easy measurement, configurations and diagnostics.

    Accurate Level Measurement  - Features

    • High accuracy of up to ±0.05%
    • Temperature compensation
    • Up to four measurement sections per Controller
    • Immersion probes up to 25 bar / IP68
    • Transmitters up to 160 bar / IP65
    • Controller with built-in web server for easy configuration
    • IEC 60870-5-104 and Modbus communication
    • Little drift
    • Maintenance free
    • Simple web browser to connect to the instrument
    • Fits to all standard PLC’s
    • Pressure and Temperature measurements in one
    • Excellent price-performance ratio
    • SWISS quality
    • Extremely robust solution


  • Titanium Spectrometer | Spectro::lyser Titanium Pro

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    Titanium Spectrometer - Overview

    This titanium spectrometer probe is a multi-parameter instrument that can measure multiple water quality parameters continuously. Its rugged design is suitable for use in high-pressure and high-temperature environments. As the probe comes into direct contact with the water, there is no need for complex sample pre-treatment. It is installed and operated by the easy "plug and measure" principle. The titanium spectrometer probes can be installed quickly and effortlessly, either submersed (InSitu) or in a flow-through setup (Bypass, monitoring station). It also comes with an automatic cleaning system that uses compressed air to clean the sensors. This system has proven highly efficient and reliable, even in untreated wastewater. The s::can spectrometer probes are intelligent instruments that use software-controlled procedures to identify any fouling on the measuring.

    The titanium spectrometer monitors the following parameters depending on the applications selected: TSS, turbidity, NO3-N, COD,  DOC, UV254, NO2-N, BOD, TOC, color, O3, HS-, BTX, AOC, fingerprints, and spectral alarms, temperature, and pressure.

    Titanium Spectrometer - Features

    • UV-Vis spectrometry over the total range (190-720 nm)
    • Ideal for industrial wastewater, desalination, and seawater
    • Rugged design with titanium grade 2 housing
    • Factory pre-calibrated, with advanced calibration service included
    • Long term stability
    • Very low maintenance
    • Automatic cleaning with compressed air or brush
    • s::can plug & measure
    • Mounting and measurement directly in media (InSitu) or in a flow cell (monitoring station)
    • Easy mounting without clogging
    • Adaption of optical path lengths to 35 mm, 5 mm, 2 mm, or 0.5 mm possible