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    Ultrasonic Portable Sludge Level Meter ENV100-P

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    Portable Sludge Blanket Level Meter ENV100-P Overview

    The ENV100P portable sludge blanket level meter is designed to offer economic operation where dozens of clarifies exist. User can suit the meter to their specific requirement and field conditions with respective internal data memory and get all measurement data throughout RS232 port after field measurements. Unlike optic measurement device, the user do not need to contact contaminated cable because the ultrasonic sensor is floating on the wastewater.

    Portable Sludge Blanket Level Meter Features

    • Portable in-site Measurement
    • Field-adjustable
    • Measurement Result Outputs Through RS232 Port
    • No Need to Carry and Touch The Contaminated Cable
  • Ultrasonic Sludge Blanket Level Meter (ENV100S)

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    Sludge Level Meter ENV100

    The ENV100 Ultrasonic Sludge Blanket Level Meter manufactured by WESS, utilizes enhanced ultrasonic technology to measure the sludge interface level in various types of clarifies, settling tanks and thickeners with superior accuracy and reliability. The instrument continuously provides the user with important information which includes numeric & graphic screens representing the distance to the blanket, an echo profile image to ensure correct configuration during commissioning and saved data analysis. Additional features such as ASF (Abnormal Signal Filter), allows elimination of irregular field noise which can result from moving structures intermittently obscuring the signal. The ENV100 technology additionally incorporates a compressed air cleaning system to maintain the sensor in optimum condition and guarantee maintenance-free measurement. Specially designed mounting kits are also available.

    Sludge Level Meter ENV100 Features

    • Continuous and Real-time Measurement
    • 4 Sensors Measurement with One Controller Enables Economic Operation
    • Maximum 400 Days Data Logging and Monitoring
    • Wireless Option Avoids Cabling Cost
    • Automatic Sensor Cleaning Guarantee Maintenance-free Measurement
    • Built-in Unique Algorithm Eliminates Stationary and Moving Structures
    • Free WESSWARE Software Enables Field Data Analysis and Menu Setup