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Ball Type Valves

Ball Type Valves are valves that contain a hollow, ball-like structure inside the mechanism. This is used to control the flow and pressure within a system or process. It regulates, controls or directs the flow of a substance by opening, closing, or partially obstructing various pipes.

  • Ball Valve 546 Pro

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    Ball Valve 546 Pro - Overview

    The Ball Valve Pro is an extremely reliable and long-lasting valve. It boasts ergonomically designed lockable levers that enable precise operation. This also protects against the lever being used unintentionally or without permission. It comes with optional LED position feedback to allow for easy position feedback and control of the valve. Another option is the spring return lever ("dead man") which automatically closes the valve by itself after it has been opened.  Each valve comes with its own Data-Matrix-Code which simplifies installation, tracking, maintenance, and repair.  There is also the option of using either the pneumatic or electric actuator with the valve.

    The pneumatic actuator is completely made of plastic, is lightweight, and is virtually maintenance-free.  It is robust, reliable, and durable even in highly corrosive environments.

    The electric actuator system is ideal for digitalisation: it makes it easy to identify valve positions and control the system status. It has wireless control and a 360° LED Status display.

    Ball Valve 546 Pro - Features

    • Ergonomic lockable lever
    • Modular and flexible design
    • Virtually maintenance-free
    • Reduced maintenance costs
    • Data-Matrix-Code
    • Quick label on request
    • Integrated tool for the union bush
    • Interface for flexible automation and accessories
    • Reinforced security breakpoint in the stem interface
    • Double stem seals
    • Sawtooth thread suitable for plastics
    • Fastening system with integrated threaded bushes
    • Dynamic backing seal
    • Smooth spherical surface


  • Manual Plastic Ball Valve | 542

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    Manual Plastic Ball Valve - Overview

    The high-quality Manual Plastic Ball Valve type 542 is available in various materials and connection options. It is ideal for use in everything from simple water applications to manual applications in demanding processes.  The ball valve uses a rotating ball, with a hole through it, that allows straight-through flow in the open position and shuts off flow when the ball is rotated 90º manually to block the flow passage. This valve is primarily used for open/close functions and throttling services. Suitable for neutral or aggressive media with a small number of particles/solids. Chemically resistant.

    Manual Plastic Ball Valve - Features

    • Ball seats: PTFE (red lever) / PE (blue lever)
    • High flow rate
    • Possibility of attaching a valve marking
    • Same installation length as Ball Valve Type 546 Pro


  • Plastic Manual Ball Type Valve | 543

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    Plastic Manual Ball Type Valve- Overview

    The Plastic Manual Ball Valve 543 is the perfect valve for all diverting and mixing processes. It is available in a horizontal design (with L or T-ball) and a vertical design (with L or tripod ball). It can be used for diverting, mixing, distributing, and even shutting off a medium. It is suitable for neutral and aggressive media with small amounts of particles or solids. The chemical resistance depends on the valve material selected. Applications include the chemical process industry, microelectronics, and water processing industry.

    Plastic Manual Ball Type Valve - Features

    • Ideal for diverting and mixing fitting
    • Dimension range DN10 – DN50
    • Ball with L-port / T-port
    • Lever material made of fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene
    • Tool integrated into lever
    • 90° end stop standard, 180° end stop on request
    • Excellent flow properties
    • Long-lasting
    • Automation with electrical or pneumatic actuator possible