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Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Ultrasonic Flow Meters operate by alternately transmitting and receiving a burst of sound waves between two transducers, measuring the transit time that it takes for sound to travel between the two transducers in both directions.  Can be clamp-on style or a permanent installation.

  • Clamp-on Flow Sensors | MFATGx

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    Clamp-on Flow Sensors - Overview

    This externally mounted sensor is for closed pipes and is non-invasive. This means low maintenance and cost-effective flow measurements using ultrasound.

    It can be used for temporary or permanent measurement. It can measure flow in both directions.

    The sensor can be attached by magnet, adhesive or stainless steel strap, and is easy to place. Also available with watertight or protective housing (optional).

    Clamp-on Flow Sensors - Features

    • Magnetic mount for temporary measurement
    • Adhesive for permanent installations
    • Adhesive and weather cover create a seal
    • No gel erosion
    • Easy installation
    • Multi Pipe section – 1 RISONIC Clamp-On Controller can control up to 4 pipes
    • Non-intrusive Ultrasonic flow measurement - No drilling in the pipe and no interruption of operation
    • Cost-efficient
    • Accurate measurement with 1 or 2 measuring paths
    • Bi-Directional flow measurement
    • Accuracy up to 1% of the measured value
    • No configuration software is needed
    • Easy configuration and remote diagnosis
    • IEC 60870-5-104 and Modbus RTU/TCP communication



  • Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter | QT811

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    Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter - Overview

    Quick and easy installation and operation. It only takes a few minutes, from the start of the installation to actual data readings. The QT811 boasts a new external clamp design, which measures the flow rate without being in direct contact with medium. Compared to traditional flow meters, this measurement method eliminates pressure loss, production loss and media contamination. This in turn saves costs in installation and labor. A variety of modes are available for setting and flexibility. Suitable for all pipe sizes in the measuring range, as well as various kinds of metal and resin pipes. It has a 256*128 LCD display and shows a wide range of information.

    It can operate as an ultrasonic cooling (heat) meter/ btu meter/ energy meter to monitor and measure energy (optional).

    Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter - Features

    • Immediate flow rate reading on device
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Saves on installation and labor costs
    • 256*128 LCD Display
    • Suitable for metal or resin piping
    • No medium contamination
    • No production lost during installation
  • Flow Sensors | MFAT

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    Flow Sensors - Overview

    Used in water management, leak detection, and irrigation. These ultrasonic sensors measure the flow velocity of water and calculate the volume and flow information. The average water flow is measured by emitting and receiving ultrasonic signals. The more ultrasonic paths one uses, the higher the system accuracy.

    Type A for filled or partially filled pipes with a 0.75–35 m diameter.

    Type B for open channels & filled or partially filled pipes with a 0.75–35m diameter.

    Type C for filled or partially filled pipes with a 0.20 – 35 m diameter.

    Type K sensors for applications in open channels

    Type G externally mounted clamp-on sensors

    Flow Sensors - Features

    • Wide range of open channel widths of up to 130 meters
    • Wide range of pipe diameters of up to 52 meters
    • Up to 20 paths per measurement section
    • High accuracy of up to 0.5% in the field & 0.2% under ideal conditions
    • High flexibility for configurations such as crossed/non-crossed setups
    • Easy to retrofit into existing, even third-party installations
    • Drift-free and long-term stability
    • No moving parts
  • Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter Kit | QTFM


    Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter Overview

    The Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter QTFM realizes non-contact measurement of liquid flow, simply install the sensor on the outer wall of the pipeline to complete the flow measurement. The instrument has characteristics of being small-sized, making it convenient carrying and it gives out an accurate measurement.
    Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeter Principle Working: The time-transit measurement principle is adopted, the signal transmitted by one flow meter transducer passes through the pipe wall, the medium, and the other side pipe wall, and is received by another flow meter transducer. At the same time, the second transducer also transmits the signal received by the first transducer. With the influence of the medium flow rate, there is a time difference, and then the flow value Q can be obtained.

    Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter Applications

    This flow meter is widely used in tap water, heating, water conservancy, metallurgy chemical, machinery,  energy, and other industries. It can be used for production monitoring, flow verification, temporary detection, flow inspection, water meter balance debugging, heating network balance debugging,energy-saving monitoring, and it is a necessary tool and meter for timely flow detection.

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  • Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter | QT621

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    Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter - Overview

    This full-function portable ultrasonic flow meter enables the verification of flow readings of other meters and is great for logging flow system data values over an extended period. The innovative design includes matched precision transducers and signal processing circuitry to accurately measure the flow of most liquids over a wide range of velocities. Clamp-on transducers create no wear, zero pressure loss, and do not require process interruptions to install them since they are attached to the outside of the pipe. The meter is easily transported and installed on different pipes and sites. Its portability makes it an excellent choice for measuring flows throughout the plumbing infrastructure to verify sensor pump and valve performance.

    Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter - Features

    • Easy to install
    • Reduced installation time and cost
    • No pressure head loss
    • No moving parts to maintain or replace
    • BTU function is an option
    • Could be used as a portable ultrasonic energy meter
    • Powerful data storage
    • Supports the datasheet analysis software
  • Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter | RISONIC COMPACT

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    Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter - Overview

    RISONIC Compact uses non-intrusive transducers,  providing the highest precision and reliable measurements as a drift-free flow measurement solution.

    The system measures and determines the path velocities and computes the flow rate and volume in two directions. Costs for installation are low and no operation outage is required.

    Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter - Features

    • No drift
    • No re-calibration
    • No de-watering
    • No pipe-cutting
    • Price/performance ratio
    • Precise, robust flow measurement
    • Quick installation
    • Easy commissioning
    • Pre-set path configurations
    • Web interface and wizard
    • 2 paths and pipes
    • Flexible pipe-materials
    • Latest IT- and Cyber security
    • Integration into plant systems
    • Data logger feature
    • Remote access control/monitoring
    • IoT and Rittmeyer RITUNE® capable
  • Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter | RISONIC Modular

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    Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter - Overview

    The RISONIC modular system consists of three components:

    • The Controller : Integrated data logger, limited value monitoring, volume counter, Individually galvanically isolated I/O's, SMS alarm via external GSM / GPRS modem
    • Up to five RISONIC Ultrasonic Transit Time Modules: prepare and process the sensor signals, which then gets sent to the controller
    • Various ultrasonic sensors that are mounted internally or externally, or non-invasively to the outside of the pipe

    This modular measurement system for hydroengineering applications was developed for ultrasonic flow measurements in open channels and filled and partially filled pipes.

    The modular design makes it suitable for a broad spectrum of applications, whether for turbine and pump efficiency measurements, penstock leak detection, or flow measurements in water supplies or irrigation systems.

    The system is user-friendly and intuitive, so it requires minimal training. It can be remotely serviced with a variety of diagnostic functions to pinpoint malfunctions quickly, reducing  downtimes.

    Suitable for use in hydropower plants, water supplies, irrigation systems, and water cooling circuits.

    Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter - Features

    • Excellent long-term stability, no need for recalibration
    • Easy commissioning and signal analysis
    • Wide range of ultrasonic transducers for pipes and channels
    • High measuring accuracy of up to 0.5% of measured value displayed
    • Up to 4 measurement sections per Controller (incl. multi-pipe, multi-channel)
    • Flow measurement in both directions (pump storage power plant)
    • 1 ... 5 ultrasonic modules for a maximum of 20 measurement paths (5 x 4)
    • Modular concept of ultrasonic modules reduces cost for lower path sections
    • Controller with built in web server for easy configuration
    • IEC 60870-5-104 and Modbus RTU/TCP communication
  • Wall Mount Ultrasonic Flow Meter | QT502

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    Wall Mount Ultrasonic Flow Meter  - Overview

    The QT502 consists of a wall mount transmitter and is used in conjunction with either clamp-on or insertion type transducers. Ultrasonic sound waves measure the flow of water through a pipe. Designed using a FPGA chip and low-voltage broadband pulse transmission.  The 240*128 backlit LCD screen with 4 line menu display is clear and user-friendly. The simple menu and 7-digit display selections make the flow meter even easier to use. It has daily, monthly, and yearly totalised flow; parallel operation of positive, negative, and net flow totalizer with scale factor. The option of adding RTD temperature sensors allows it to become an energy meter for the monitoring of energy use, helping you save energy and money.

    Wall Mount Ultrasonic Flow Meter  - Features

    • 240*128 backlit LCD screen
    • 4 line menu display
    • 7 digit display
    • Optional temperature sensors enable energy measurement


  • Wall Mount Ultrasonic Flow Meters


    Wall Mount Ultrasonic flow meters - Overview

    Ultrasonic flow meters operate by alternately transmitting and receiving a frequency between two transducers and measuring the time that it takes for sound to travel between the two. The difference in the transit time is directly and accurately related to the velocity of the liquid in the pipe.

    This wall mount type ultrasonic flow meter is designed for use in a closed conduit.

    The transducers are clamp-on types, which in turn makes for easy installation and operation.

    Wall Mount Ultrasonic flow meters - Features

    • Stable and accurate measurement
    • Accuracy: ±1% of reading at rates >0.2 mps
    • High precision
    • One flow meter for all applications
    • Pipe Size: DN15mm-DN6000mm
    • Easy maintenance
    • Highest process safety
    • Repeatability: 0.2%
    • Velocity: ±32m/s


  • Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter FLO100

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    WESS FLO100 Series is the fixed type ultrasonic transit-time flow meter for long-term flow measurement. The flow meter measures the flow rate of liquid in a closed pipe by using a pair of clamp-on sensors. WESS use its own patented technologies such as advanced signal processing and low-voltage operation to achieve high accuracy and reliable performance. Besides, the product provides versatile output interfaces, analog and digital, which can be easily used by a PLC or a flow controller.

    Ultrasonic Flow Meter Flo100 Features

    • Positive / Negative / Net flow totalizer
    •  Proprietary Low-Voltage Transmission and Self-Adaptation Technologies
    • No pipe Cutting or Process Interruption by Using Clamp-On Technology
    •  Able to Measure Electrically Conductive and Non-Conductive Liquids