Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter FLO100

Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter FLO100

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WESS FLO100 Series is the fixed type ultrasonic transit-time flow meter for long-term flow measurement. The flow meter measures the flow rate of liquid in a closed pipe by using a pair of clamp-on sensors. WESS use its own patented technologies such as advanced signal processing and low-voltage operation to achieve high accuracy and reliable performance. Besides, the product provides versatile output interfaces, analog and digital, which can be easily used by a PLC or a flow controller.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Flo100 Features

  • Positive / Negative / Net flow totalizer
  •  Proprietary Low-Voltage Transmission and Self-Adaptation Technologies
  • No pipe Cutting or Process Interruption by Using Clamp-On Technology
  •  Able to Measure Electrically Conductive and Non-Conductive Liquids


Ultrasonic Flow Meter Transmitter

Model C5-S
Linearity Better than ±0.5%
Accuracy ±0.5 ~ 1% of rate
Repeatability ±0.2%
Velocity 0 ~ +32m/s, bi-directional
Measurement period 0.5 Sec.
Display LCD with backlight. 2×20 English letters
Outputs 1) Analogue output : 4-20mA or 0-20mA (Impedance 0~1k?)
2) Relay output 1EA X [email protected] or [email protected]) Digital output : RS232 serial port4) Pulse output : 12~9999Hz
Input 2EA X 4-20m A current inputs (option : 5 inquts)
Logging Max 5 years totalizing data
Enclosure Body/Cover : ABS, Window : Polycarbonate
Dimension 231(W) x 185(L) x 120(H)mm for standard version

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Sensor

Model S5-G
Sensor type Clamp-on
Pipe size 50A ~ 700A
Temperature -40 ~ 70
Materials Head: Epoxy
Cover : Aluminium
Dimension 60(W)x45(L)x45(H)mm


Model S5-L
Sensor type Clamp-on
Pipe size 300A ~ 6000A
Temperature -40 ~ 70?
Materials Head: Epoxy
Cover : Aluminium
Dimension 80(W)x70(L)x55(H)mm



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