Free Chlorine or Total Chlorine Sensor | Chlori::lyser

Free Chlorine or Total Chlorine Sensor | Chlori::lyser

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Online Chlorine Sensor Overview

The chlori::lyser is a revolutionary sensor for monitoring free chlorine or total chlorine. Its internal buffer electrolyte allows pH-independent measurement between pH 4 to 9+, and its 3-electrode system provides extremely stable readings. These sensors were developed for use in drinking water, pool water and different types of water treatment. The usage in waste water is possible, but has to be evaluated in the specific application. These sensors have only a low dependence on fluctuations of flow. However a constant flow of the measuring medium is recommended.

High precision is ensured even at high fluctuations of pH, temperature and flow. chlori::lyser™ monitors free chlorine (Cl2 + HOCl + OCl-) or total chlorine (free chlorine + combined chlorine)

Chlorine Sensor Features

  • s::can plug & measure
  • measuring principle: amperometric (membrane covered)
  • ideal for drinking water
  • long term stable and low maintenance
  • replacement of membrane only once a year
  • readings stable at high fluctuations of pH, temperature and flow
  • compensates fluctuations of pH in an unmatched way
  • pH range from 4 to 9 FCl
  • pH range from 4 to 12 TCl
  • cross sensitivities to chlorine dioxide, ozone can be compensated by using readings from spectro::lyser™
  • factory zero point pre-calibrated
  • mounting and measurement in flow cell
  • operation via s::can terminals & s::can software


Free Chlorine Sensor or Total Chlorine Sensor

technical specification
measuring principle amperometric
measuring principle detail potentiostatic 3-electrode system
resolution E-520-1 and E-525-1: 0.001mg/l
E-520-2 and E-525-2: 0.01 mg/l)
automatic compensation instrument temperature
automatic compensation cross sensitivities pH
response time 2 min.
power supply 9 … 18 VDC
power consumption (typical) 0.43 W
power consumption (max.) 0.5 W
interface to s::can terminals sys plug (IP67), RS485
housing material PVC
weight (min.) 175 g
dimensions (Ø x l) 35 x 213 mm
operating temperature 5 … 45 °C
storage temperature 5 … 45 °C
operating pressure 0 … 1 bar
installation / mounting flow cell
process connection quick connect
flow velocity 0.015 m/s (min.)
0.06 m/s (max.)
pH range FCL 4 … 9
pH range TCL 4 … 12


concentration ranges and sensor/probe type for this application
free chlorine[mg/l] total chlorine[mg/l] part number
chlori::lyser (FCl) min. 0 E-520-1-000 / 075
max. 2
chlori::lyser (FCl) min. 0 E-520-2-000 / 075
max. 20
chlori::lyser (TCl) min. 0 E-525-3-000 / 075
max. 2
chlori::lyser (TCl) min. 0 E-525-4-000 / 075
max. 20


Chlorine Sensor recommended accessories
part number article name
D-315-xxx con::cube
S-11-xx-moni moni::tool Software
F-48-sensor s::can Sensor flow-cell (by-pass setup), PVC
F-45-four flow cell for four s::can physical probes
F-12-sensor carrier s::can physical probes
C-1-010-sensor 1 m connection cable for s::can physical and ISE probes



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