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Variable Area Flow Meters

Variable Area Flow meters, also known as Rotameters, are a simple and versatile method of flow measurement.  It requires no power and has a visual indicator.  It provides flow measurement of liquids, gases, and steam. A float rises inside a conically shaped glass tube as the flow increases, and the position of the float on a scale can be read off as the flow rate. Since this measuring method is purely mechanical, it is both simple and reliable.

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    Variable Area Flowmeter 335 Overview

    The Variable Area Flowmeter 335 from GF Piping Systems are radially installed, dismountable meters for measuring the flow rate in industrial piping system constructions. The measuring principle is advanced and efficient. The measurement ranges, which are tailored to our customers‘ needs, and the range of materials available for the tubes and screwed fittings, allow the flow meters to be used for a wide range of applications and a great variety of media.

    If a medium flows upwards through the vertically mounted measuring tube at a sufficient flow velocity, the float is raised to the point at which a state of equilibrium sets in between the lifting force of the medium and the weight of the float. As the mean flow velocity is proportional to the quantity flowing through per unit of time, this state of equilibrium corresponds to the measurement of the current flow volume.

    Variable Area Flowmeter 335 Features

    • Easy and cost-effective measurement principle.
    • No additional energy required for the operation.
    • Easy reading of the measured value.
    • Available scale range from 50 l/h up to 60 000 l/h.
    • Printed double scale for water in percent and l/h.
    • Special scales for liquid and gaseous media can be attached.
    • Wide range of materials.
    • Break-proof and corrosion-resistant.
    • Large dimensions with guiding rod (PVDF-coated).