Wess measurement

Who is Wess?

Made in Korea since 2004 WESS Global has been developing quality instruments for more than 30 countries in many industries such as steel, power plant, mining, water and waste water, pulp and paper, etc

Our Relationship with Wess?

Royce Water approached Wess in December 2018 due to being informed that the Royce Technologies line of instrumentation are being discontinued. We had great success with Royce Technologies Interface Analyzers and were looking for a suitable replacement. We applied to become a Distributor for Wess and we are glad to announce that Action Instruments has been appointed since January 2019 as the Sole Agent for Wess Measurement for Southern Africa.

What does Wess do?

Wess Global’s mission is to become a global leader in measuring instrumentation. With their main values being to focus on Product development through innovative and continuous research and development. With fully experienced and knowledgeable staff adding value to their clients.

They have started with a specific focus on Ultrasonic Technologies where they have