s-can LogoWho is s::can?

s::can Messtechnik GmbH,  pronounced “SCAN” or “S CAN” by some,  was established in 1999 born out of  the University of Vienna in Austria. It is a family business, owned by brothers since 2011 with 4 subsidiaries in the Spain, USA, China, and France. Scan serves the whole water industry, from drinking water, environmental to (industrial) waste waters. It  is technology leader in online spectrometry with almost 7.000 spectrometer systems sold over 15 years.

Our Relationship with s::can

RWS (Royce water systems) has been the sole importer to Southern Africa for s-can instrumentation for over 10 years.

What does s::can do?

Spectrometer Probes

 s::can  is the inventor and leader of online spectrometer probes operate using the same measuring principle: spectrometry. Spectro::liser  probes are the first and only instruments in the world that can measure optical spectra from 190 to 750 nm directly in liquid media. Substances contained in the medium absorb the light beam emitted by a lamp that moves through the liquid. After contact with the medium its intensity is measured by a detector over a range of wavelengths specific to the application.

Other Probes

s::can also  offer a wide range of Electro-chemical, Optical and Ion Selective probes  to full fil you online and process control parameters from industrial to waste. Parameters included are DO, TSS, NTU/FTU, Free &  Total Chlorine, ORP, pH, Conductivity, hydrogen peroxide,  chlorine dioxide,  peracetic acid, fluoride, ammonium, nitrate and potassium.






con::cube terminalTerminals & Software

The con::cube, s::can has established a standard for industrial process control terminals. Via a large touch panel color display it allows menu-driven, user-friendly communication with all s::can sensors or any other digital (RS485) or 4-20 mA sensor of different make, as well as remote operation of distributed systems, either via telephone, radio, GSM, or GPRS telemetry: all available in one terminal.

micro::station drinking water monitoringMonitoring Stations

The s::can Monitoring stations are designed for online monitoring of multiple water quality parameters in clean or dirty water .A Selection of probes and controller – are factory assembled with all required flow cells, mounting fittings and pipework on a compact panel. For easy maintenance

The fully modular monitoring stations combines s::can instruments to a compact and versatile system. The central location make them easy to maintain.and presents a complete solution, as the user only has to connect water supply and -discharge (“plug & measure”) to receive a previously unheard variety of parameters at a reduced cost.

micro::station waste water monitoring