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Lead (Pb)

Lead (Pb) is a heavy metal that is known for its toxicity and the health hazards it presents. Discharging lead-contaminated wastewater is heavily regulated across most regions of the world. Control and monitoring is therefore essential.

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    Lead Analyzer - Georg Furxer Overview 

    The Lead Analyzer - Georg Furxer can perform continuous analysis of heavy metals, such as Lead (Pb), and many other parameters in water. Technologies employed are colorimetric (photometric) and ion-selective electrodes (ISE). Direct measurements, standard addition, and titration support the ideal measurement strategy. The robust design and high-quality parts of the Lead Analyzer guarantee a long lifetime and minimum maintenance efforts. Low consumption of reagents and very high reagent stability ensures person-free operation. Automated calibration and cleaning steps support this goal.

    Natural sources
    . Inorganic lead rarely exists in its elemental state but is found in the environment in various complexes. Industry. Lead is used principally in the production of lead-acid batteries, solder, and alloys; the organolead compounds used extensively as antiknock and lubricating agents in petrol.
    Drinking water. Lead is rarely present in tap water as a result of its dissolution from natural sources; from household plumbing systems. Concentrations in drinking water are generally below 5 mg/liter. The guideline value for lead is 0.01 mg/L.
    Toxicity. Lead is a general toxicant that accumulates in the skeleton. Lead is toxic to both the central and peripheral nervous systems, inducing sub-acute encephalopathic neurological and behavioral effects.

    Metal is measured as a chelate complex between metal ions in the wastewater and sensitive spectrophotometric reagent dye. Change of the intensity of the visible light throughout cuvette containing formed metal complex is directly proportional to metal concentration.

    Lead Analyzer - Features 

    • Robust Design
    • Minimal maintenance
    • Easy handling
    • High accuracy and precision
    • Suitable for mission-critical applications
    • Automated cleaning and calibration.