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Chlorine Meters (CL)

  • Chlorine Analyzer | 4630

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    Chlorine Analyzer 4630 Overview

    The Chlorine Analyzer 4630 System is an integrated all-in-one system designed to measure free chlorine. The Chlorine Analyzer 4630 has a pH sensor that is used to accurately measure free chlorine in applications that have varying pH values (±0.20 pH units).  Because free chlorine concentration is pH-dependent, the Chemical Guard feature interrupts/disables the relay that is assigned to the oxidant chemical (such as sodium hydrochloride) until the pH of the application is corrected. The 4630 series also comes complete with a flow switch that will disable the mechanical relays to the dosing pumps when the system is off or the flow is interrupted to the flow cell.

    The unique integrated clear flow cell accommodates the free chlorine and pH electrode, flow regulator, filter, and variable area flow indicator in one compact unit. An integrated flow regulator with a removable filter accepts inlet pressures of 1 to 8 bar (15 to 120 psi) while maintaining constant flow and minimal pressure to
    the sensors. Water flows vertically into the sensor tip eliminating bubble entrapment. The flow cell is designed to maintain a minimum amount of water to ensure sensors stay submerged, even when the system and flow is turned off. The 4630 Free Chlorine Analyzer System comes complete with everything needed to support chlorine monitoring for 1 full year of operation. Panel design allows quick and easy installation and comes complete with four 4 to 20 mA outputs, a flow switch with relay interrupt, four binary inputs, and two mechanical relays.

    Chlorine Analyzer 4630 Features

    • EPA 334.0 Compliant
    • Reagent free measuring
    • Chemical Guard prevents overdosing on oxidants chemicals
    • Built-in flow switch
    • Chlorine and pH electrode performance data
    • Automatic timestamp after successful calibration
    • Customer enabled alarm feature for recalibration
    • Complete panel system allows for quick and easy installation
    • Built-in flow regulator maintains constant flow and pressure to the sensors regardless of inlet pressure
    • Automatic pH compensation


  • Ammonium probe | ammo::lyser eco

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    Overview of Ammonium (NH4-N) Probe

    A multi-parameter probe for the online measurement of ammonium. It is an absolutely reliable device outclassing conventional analyzers in terms of measurement stability and lifetime. Precision is guaranteed by real time compensation of the ammonium value with temperature, pH and potassium and a high performance reference electrode.

    ammo::lyser II eco: monitors NH4-N and temperature
    ammo::lyser III eco+pH:  pH, NH4-N and temperature
    ammo::lyser III eco+NO3-N:  NO3-N, NH4-N and temperature
    ammo::lyser III eco+Cl-: Chloride, NH4-N and temperature
    ammo::lyser IV eco+pH+NO3-N: pH,  NO3-N, NH4-N and temperature
    ammo::lyser IV eco+pH+Cl-: pH, chloride, NH4-N and temperature

    Features of Ammonium probe

    • s::can plug & measure
    • measuring principle: ISE (ion-selective electrodes) - with optional potassium compensation
    • multi-parameter probe
    • long term stable, factory calibrated
    • automatic cleaning with compressed air
    • unique, non-porous / non-leaking reference electrode for technically unrivalled and consistent performance
    • ISE refurbishment - the easy way to minimize maintenance
    • easy & quick mounting and measurement directly in the media (InSitu) or in flow cell (monitoring station)
    • operation via s::can terminals & s::can software
    • automatica temperature compensation, pH compensation possible
    • ideal for surface water, ground water and drinking water, also for applications in waste water
    • minimal maintenance
    • life time of ISE: typically 6 month (for applications <1mg/l NH4-N), resp. 1 to 2 years (for applications >1mg/l NH4-N)
  • Free Chlorine or Total Chlorine Sensor | Chlori::lyser

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    Online Chlorine Sensor Overview

    The chlori::lyser is a revolutionary sensor for monitoring free chlorine or total chlorine. Its internal buffer electrolyte allows pH-independent measurement between pH 4 to 9+, and its 3-electrode system provides extremely stable readings. These sensors were developed for use in drinking water, pool water and different types of water treatment. The usage in waste water is possible, but has to be evaluated in the specific application. These sensors have only a low dependence on fluctuations of flow. However a constant flow of the measuring medium is recommended.

    High precision is ensured even at high fluctuations of pH, temperature and flow. chlori::lyser™ monitors free chlorine (Cl2 + HOCl + OCl-) or total chlorine (free chlorine + combined chlorine)

    Chlorine Sensor Features

    • s::can plug & measure
    • measuring principle: amperometric (membrane covered)
    • ideal for drinking water
    • long term stable and low maintenance
    • replacement of membrane only once a year
    • readings stable at high fluctuations of pH, temperature and flow
    • compensates fluctuations of pH in an unmatched way
    • pH range from 4 to 9 FCl
    • pH range from 4 to 12 TCl
    • cross sensitivities to chlorine dioxide, ozone can be compensated by using readings from spectro::lyser™
    • factory zero point pre-calibrated
    • mounting and measurement in flow cell
    • operation via s::can terminals & s::can software