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Calcium (Ca)

Calcium (Ca) is naturally present in water. Calcium is largely responsible for water hardness, and may reduce the toxicity of other compounds. Elements such as copper, lead and zinc are much more toxic in soft water. Calcium polysulphide and hydroxide are used as flocculants in wastewater treatment, and calcium fluoride as a turbidity agent in enamel industries.

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    Calcium and Magnesium Analyser - Antojn Bruckner Overview

    The Calcium and Magnesium Analyser - Antojn Bruckner can perform continuous analysis of heavy metals,  Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg), and many other parameters in water. Technologies employed are colorimetric (photometric) and ion-selective electrodes (ISE). Direct measurements, standard addition, and titration support the ideal measurement strategy. The robust design and high-quality parts of the Calcium and Magnesium Analyzer guarantee a long lifetime and minimum maintenance efforts. Low consumption of reagents and very high reagent stability ensures person-free operation. Automated calibration and cleaning steps support this goal.

    To prevent membrane poisoning, new membrane technology in Chlor-alkali cells requires feed brine that is relatively free of alkaline earth metals. Membrane manufacturers recommend that saturated brines be purified to a total hardness below 50 µg/L (ppb) to extend membrane life and ensure electrical current efficiency in the cell. Industrial laboratories have been concerned with the determination of calcium and magnesium in brine for a number of years.

    Calcium and Magnesium are measured in sum and separate by the HNB/EDTA volumetric method. The SEIBOLD titrator Johann N. Hummel is an online titration unit for equilibrium and endpoint detection. By defining the concentration of the titrator the resolution can be adjusted to specific needs and measurement ranges. The titration works in flow-through mode and can work real continuously. The consumption of chemical solutions could be minimized because of using SEIBOLD's unique measurement chain memory.

    Calcium and Magnesium Analyser Features

    • Robust design.
    • Minimal maintenance.
    • Easy handling and long-living.
    • Highest accuracy of measurement and high precision.
    • Suitable for mission-critical applications.
    • Automated cleaning and calibration and dilution.
    • Can perform complex control tasks via analog and digital communication.