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Aluminium (Al)

Aluminium (Al) salts are commonly added as coagulants during water treatment to remove turbidity, organic matter and microorganisms. Aluminium also occurs in all natural waters. At low levels, aluminium in water is not likely harmful to your health. However, at high concentrations, there is evidence linking aluminium to effects on the nervous system. Therefore it is essential to monitor Aluminium levels in the water.

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    Aluminium Analyzer Franz von Suppe Overview

    The Aluminium Analyzer Franz von Suppe can perform continuous analysis of metals, such as Aluminium (Al), and many other parameters in water. Technologies employed are colorimetric (photometric) and ion-selective electrodes (ISE). Direct measurements, standard addition, and titration support the ideal measurement strategy. The robust design and high-quality parts of the Aluminium Analyzer guarantee a long lifetime and minimum maintenance efforts. Low consumption of reagents and very high reagent stability ensures people free operation. Automated calibration and cleaning steps support this goal.

    Natural sources. Aluminum (Al) is the most abundant metallic element in the lithosphere.
    Industry. Aluminium salts are widely used in water treatment as coagulants to reduce organic matter, colour, turbidity, and microorganism levels. Such use may lead to increased concentrations of aluminium in finished water.
    Drinking water. Important sources of elevated Al concentrations in drinking water are the use of Al-based flocculating agents such as Al2(SO4)3.
    Concentrations of aluminium of 0.1 mg/liter or less are achievable in large water treatment facilities.
    Toxicity. There is little indication that orally ingested aluminium is acutely toxic to humans despite the widespread occurrence of the element in foods, drinking water, and many antacid preparations. It has been hypothesized that aluminium exposure is a risk factor for the development or acceleration of the onset of Alzheimer disease (AD) in humans

    Metal is measured as a chelate complex between metal ions in the wastewater and sensitive spectrophotometric reagent dye. Change of the intensity of the visible light throughout cuvette containing formed metal complex is directly proportional to metal concentration.

    Aluminium Analyzer Franz von Suppe Features

    • Robust design.
    • Minimal maintenance.
    • Easy handling.
    • High accuracy and precision.
    • Suitable for mission-critical applications.
    • Automated cleaning and calibration.