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Ultrasonic Flow Sensors

  • Clamp-on Flow Sensors | MFATGx

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    Clamp-on Flow Sensors - Overview

    This externally mounted sensor is for closed pipes and is non-invasive. This means low maintenance and cost-effective flow measurements using ultrasound.

    It can be used for temporary or permanent measurement. It can measure flow in both directions.

    The sensor can be attached by magnet, adhesive or stainless steel strap, and is easy to place. Also available with watertight or protective housing (optional).

    Clamp-on Flow Sensors - Features

    • Magnetic mount for temporary measurement
    • Adhesive for permanent installations
    • Adhesive and weather cover create a seal
    • No gel erosion
    • Easy installation
    • Multi Pipe section – 1 RISONIC Clamp-On Controller can control up to 4 pipes
    • Non-intrusive Ultrasonic flow measurement - No drilling in the pipe and no interruption of operation
    • Cost-efficient
    • Accurate measurement with 1 or 2 measuring paths
    • Bi-Directional flow measurement
    • Accuracy up to 1% of the measured value
    • No configuration software is needed
    • Easy configuration and remote diagnosis
    • IEC 60870-5-104 and Modbus RTU/TCP communication



  • DOSIC Ultrasonic Flow Meter

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    DOSIC Ultrasonic Flow Meter - Overview

    The DOSIC® flowmeter detects the flow volume of conductive and non-conductive liquids based on ultrasonic technology. With its non-contact measurement channel and stainless-steel housing, the ultrasonic flowmeter is suitable for measuring tasks in hygienic environments. Its compact and rugged design offers a wide variety of application possibilities, especially where space restrictions or aggressive media are relevant. Installation is quick and easy and does not require medium calibration. The seal-free, self-draining measuring tube enhances process reliability. Up to two configurable digital and analogue outputs, as well as the IO-Link interface, ensure the right initial situation. The DOSIC® is EHEDG-certified and FDA-compliant.
    Applications include the food and beverage industry, CIP systems, rinsing circuits with demineralized water, cooling circuits, dairies and measuring systems.

    DOSIC Ultrasonic Flow Meter - Features

    • Flow measurement for water and oil-based liquids
    • Seal-free stainless-steel 316L sensor with RA ≤ 0.8
    • Straight, self-draining measuring tube
    • Compact design with short installation lengths
    • Configurable digital outputs
    • Temperature measurement
    • IP 67/69 enclosure rating, CIP/SIP-compatible, IO-Link version 1.1
  • Flow Sensors | MFAT

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    Flow Sensors - Overview

    Used in water management, leak detection, and irrigation. These ultrasonic sensors measure the flow velocity of water and calculate the volume and flow information. The average water flow is measured by emitting and receiving ultrasonic signals. The more ultrasonic paths one uses, the higher the system accuracy.

    Type A for filled or partially filled pipes with a 0.75–35 m diameter.

    Type B for open channels & filled or partially filled pipes with a 0.75–35m diameter.

    Type C for filled or partially filled pipes with a 0.20 – 35 m diameter.

    Type K sensors for applications in open channels

    Type G externally mounted clamp-on sensors

    Flow Sensors - Features

    • Wide range of open channel widths of up to 130 meters
    • Wide range of pipe diameters of up to 52 meters
    • Up to 20 paths per measurement section
    • High accuracy of up to 0.5% in the field & 0.2% under ideal conditions
    • High flexibility for configurations such as crossed/non-crossed setups
    • Easy to retrofit into existing, even third-party installations
    • Drift-free and long-term stability
    • No moving parts