Who is Rittmeyer?

Rittmeyer AG (ISO 9001), is located in Baar, Switzerland. [It is a public limited company & part of the BRUGG Group]

Rittmeyer was established in 1904 and has 300 employees currently. It has more than 20,000 installations worldwide. These are in the hydro-power, water and energy supply & wastewater management fields & whose owners rely Rittmeyer’s expertise. For many years now, Rittmeyer AG have enjoyed an unrivalled world-wide reputation as specialists in water scheme monitoring.

What is our relationship to Rittmeyer?

Although Rittmeyer were only nominally represented in South Africa during the 1980s, their water scheme monitoring equipment became extremely well known by several leading water authorities including, the Department of Water Affairs, ESKOM, Rand Water and various municipalities.

Rittmeyer were present at the 18th International Congress on Large Dams (ICOLD) held in Durban in 1995 – where they actively sought competent specialist representation. As a result of their search, and following comprehensive training in Switzerland, Action Instruments were appointed Rittmeyer’s South African agents.

What does Rittmeyer do?

They specialise in: Flow measurement, Penstock monitoring, Level measurement, Turbine efficiency monitoring & Automatic weir control. Especially competent in large dam projects.

These are offered as process control and automation systems, instrumentation solutions, intelligent software systems & services – including Cloud solutions, but never forgetting competent support.

We can provide a detailed paper on the 184 m high Ataturk Dam (in Turkey) which makes use of a Rittmeyer flow measurement system in Penstocks greater than 6,6 m in diameter.

Rittmeyer’s W2Q intelligent pressure/level technology is used at the Katse Dam, Ingula and Palmiet sites to provide a level measurement accuracy of better than 0,015%.

Flow measurement for pipes


•Filled and partially filled pipes
• Penstock monitoring and leakage detection
• Turbine performance testing per IEC 60041
• Bi-directional flow for pump storage power plants

Level measurement


• Level and volume management
• Piezoresistive and superior quartz crystal sensors
• Hydrostatic or pneumatic measurement
• Trash rack monitoring

Flow measurement for channels


• Arbitrary channel profile up to 100 m width
• Robust stainless steel sensors for polluted water
• Multi-channel meter with total flow calculation
• Communication via satellite or GSM/GPRS modem

Position measurement


•Valve, gate and slider positions
• Synchronization monitoring
• Distance measurement using a rope drum with
spring return
• Remote parameter adjustment and remote monitoring

Some of the key projects we have implemented

Lesotho Highlands – Katse Dam level and trash rack headloss measurement on intake tower to transfer tunnel to Clarens in South Africa, including Muela hydro power station differential pressure measurements.

ESKOM Peaking Generation in South Africa operates and maintains two hydro stations, three pumped storage stations [Palmiet, Drakensburg & Ingula Upper dam: Bedford – lower dam: Braamhoek] and two gas turbine stations [Cape Town & Mossel Bay]
We have done the initial dam level measurement instruments at Ingula for both the Braamhoek and Bedford dams. We successfully upgraded the dam level instruments at the Palmiet station – from the original 30 year old Rittmeyer electro-mechanical instruments to their latest ultra high accuracy equipment. This provided upper dam level information allowing an extra 2 hours of peaking generation operation due to the high accuracy. Project pending is the upgrade of the Drakensburg scheme from the similar age as Palmiet instruments. Although reviewed and quoted for in 2016, severe budget constraints at ESKOM have stalled this project.

Projects in tendering progress include upgrading instrumentation and control monitoring at an elderly hydro power system in Malawi and in pre-tendering review phase – the new Podihali Dam in Lesotho – being phase 3 of the Lesotho Highlands project.

All projects undertaken have been completed within budget and on-time.

We offer comprehensive local support – including site visits and maintenance, plus sourcing of spares as needed.

Our going-forward plan is to review opportunities North of our borders up to the Equator area – to work on new projects or upgrading of elderly and often neglected systems in water storage and hydro-electric power generation. Being assured of secure financing is problematic and much political unrest or instability in such areas put severe constraints on this vision, however!
For a full overview of Rittmeyer – visit https://rittmeyer.com/en/instrumentation/applications/overview/