Alicat Scientific

Alicat Scientific (USA)
Alicat Scientific makes the world’s fastest mass flow meters, mass flow controllers. No warm up time. up to 0.6% of reading accuracy. 4 ms response times. With a range of pressure meters and controllers.

AW-Lake Company (USA)
Lake Monitors and AW Flow Meters. AW-Lake Company, constantly strive to produce the highest quality flow measurement instrumentation for their customer

Eriks (Netherlands)
The ERIKS group has become a leading and innovative supplier to all segments of industry, fulfilling the twin roles of specialists and total suppliers.

Hamberflow Ltd (UK)
Stainless steel flow indicators.

Platon Instrumentation (UK)
Flow indicators for liquids and gases. Variable Area flow Meters, Purgemeters, metal tube, glass, plastic, FloBar etc. Flow and pressure switches & transmitters, valves and pumps..

Rittmeyer (Switzerland)
Flow, position absolute angle transmitters, rotary encoders and pressure measurement technology for water and energy management in large dams [e.g. Katse Dam], penstocks, dredgers, water chambers, turbine discharge, water distribution networks, locks, weirs, irrigation plants and sewerage treatment plants.

s-can Logo

s::can (Austria)
s::can is the inventor, technology leader of UV-Vis spectrometer probes, optical probes and accessories for the monitoring of waters and other liquids. s::can unique technology allows the measurement of numerous Unique parameters online  (BOD, COD, BTX, TOC, DOC, NO3, NO2, O3, H2S, CLM, NH4 to name a few ) without reagents, buffers or dies. In diverse applications from drinking water, environmental monitoring, waste waters and  industrial

Signet Scientific Company (USA)
Comprehensive range of liquid flow measuring and batching equipment. Together with Ultrasonic level with open channel flow and insertion magmeters. Analytical instruments include pH, ORP, Free Chlorine and conductivity analytical instrumentation.

Reliant Water (US)
Reliant Water supplies one-of-a-kind products to the water and wastewater treatment industries. They provide specialised answers to uncommon problems within the drinking water and water purification process.  Municipal water storage reservoirs, waste lagoon de-stratification and oxygenation; gas and liquid, vacuum feed controllers and sludge digestion enzymes. Range of of Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen analysers

Royce Technologies (USA)
Instruments for Sludge Blanket Level Detectors and Controllers, Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer and Controllers, Total Suspended Solids Analyzers and Controllers 

Tecflow International (Netherlands)
Chemical resistant liquid turbine-type flow meter range and associated converters.

WEss Measurement Logog

Wess Measurement
Wess Global have a specific focus on Ultrasonic Technologies where they have Liquid and solid Level Meters, Interface Bed Level Analysers, as well as Sludge Density meters.